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Template name: Popho magazine BloggeR Template
Features : 2 Columns, color is green and white, right sidebar, top menu(-s).
Categories : Two Columns

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Blogger Designer : Templates By BLOGGER
Original Designer :Anarschi
Template converter date: Thursday, August 15, 2010

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Daniel Chiam said...

Hello hi, I know this is a long shot but please do reply, my email is inbox4daniel@gmail.com.

I really love this template and really wanted to customize it a bit just to fit my own blog.

I wonder if you could teach me how to remove the menu above and the 468x60 ads section? I just wanted to have a big header for my blog, then menu, then the sliding picture and then blog post...

thank you in advance =)

eFe de Letra F said...

hey! i really like this template!
can you help me?
i dont find where i change the images...

Joomla Developer said...

I like your blog, It is very good. I am very happy to leave comment here for you!Thanks for making it.

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